Hello! Welcome to my world of available light photography.




Welcome to my new website! With no knowledge in web design (yes, a total newbie) I designed this WordPress-based site in one week. A big 'thank you'  to WordPress and the configurable Atahualpa theme. On that note any advice and constructive comments to further improve on this site will be very much appreciated. I thank you in advance.

Here I will share with you my passion with available light photography, especially portraiture, and the quality (or lack thereof) of the photos I take. I would like to here your comments on these photos which will go a long way to help me it will help shape my direction in photography in the days to come.

Well, this being my first post I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to this new site that is specially dedicated to available light photography. 

There are many reasons why I prefer this form of photography the most important of which is that it complements my post-processing beautifully. It is nothing like being able to shoot anywhere and almost anytime I like - the high ISO performance of the Nikon D3 helps a lot. Gone were the days of me lugging flashguns and umbrellas around. And gone were the days where I had to have second thoughts of setting up equipment before a shoot. I am a spontaneous photographer who likes to shoot on the fly.

Hence unless indicated otherwise, all images posted here will have been taken in available light. Please feel free to go through all the photos I will be posting here. Your comments good or bad will always be very much appreciated.

So what is the direction of this site? Unlike most photoblogs where they show mainly photos I prefer to do both i.e. show photos and write whenever I have anything interesting to write. This will usually mean my travels where I do most of my photography nowadays. If I share any photos I usually will indicate how I capture them and show the exif data. Many people underestimate the importance of these data. If they are analytical enough they will soon learn a whole lot more than what meets the eye in the photos I will be sharing.  

Finally please do come back and accompany me on my journey through this wonderful hobby of photography. Cheers!


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