Day 2 & 3 – Part 2 Sapa villages

 After the morning market shoot we met up for breakfast at the hotel where we also packed our lunch as we would be at the villages till late afternoon. 

While waiting to board our van there was again another group of Hmongs with their wares waiting outside the hotel trying their luck again.

_TBH5010 copy

As you can see with their umbrellas it was still drizzling quite heavily and misty then. The first village  we visited was Cat Cat village situated only 2 km from Sapa town. We were still complaining that it was impossible to shoot anything with the mist. The photography luck was with us that day - after getting our entrance tickets (tourists have to pay taxes to visit the villages) the rain just stopped and the mist for all intents and purposes  vanished!

The beautiful rice terraces.

_TBH5014 copy

Not far from the entrance we met a group of children playing in a shed. 


_TBH5016 copy

Holding on.

_TBH5073 copy800 2

The walk as you can imagine with the rice terraces was all the way downhill. We met a few locals along the way.

_TBH5179 copy

This 4 yr-old girl was carrying her 2 month-old baby brother. Her parents were at the farm.

_TBH5216 copy800 2

Farm animals were also seen everywhere.

_TBH5261 copy

Walking up.

_TBH5268 copy

Handicraft for sale everywhere along the way down.

_TBH5282 copy

My playful son.

_TBH5338 copy

We soon reached the bottom where there was a beautiful waterfall. It was time to do some slow shutter speed photography.... the only catch was that I left the tripod in the van! I used whatever support I could depend on at the scene grab these.

Maiden at the falls.

_TBH5404 copy

_TBH5420 copy

_TBH5424 copy

Weaving at the stall.

_TBH5444 copy2


_TBH5446 copy

That marked the end of our tour at Cat Cat village. Strangely enough it started to drizzle quite heavily again. We climbed our way back to the top but by a different return route in the rain. Our next stop was Ta Van village where we had our lunch.

Some Hmong children.

_TBH5589 copy2

_TBH5604 copy2

Time for a giggle.

_TBH5003 copy


_TBH5150 copy

Getting the Hmongs to pose wasn't easy - they frequently wanted favours in return e.g pay or buy their crafts. This lady didn't need any of that. I grabbed a shot, showed her the photo and she was thrilled! She then continued to pose for me. I sharing this one where I simply love the lighting.

_TBH5708 copy2


It was late afternoon and time to return to the hotel to get ready to check out, return to the railway station at Lao Cai and take another train (sleeping berths) back to Hanoi. To cut the long story short, it was very much the same train ride experience arriving at Hanoi at about 5 am.


To be continued - Day 4 Hanoi to Halong Bay


2 comments to Day 2 & 3 – Part 2 Sapa villages

  • You’re such a good Photographer. You capture the most beautiful candid photos! What camera do you shoot with? These pictures are crystal clear. The hmong children were so cute!


  • You are very kind Katie.

    I am using a Nikon D3 and I travel with the Nikon 17-35 and 70-200 most of the time.

    Sorry for the late reply as I just realized that I had a anti-spam software at this site and I suspect many were filtered there. It was only this morning that I looked at it and found your comments there too. To all of you that I have not replied the above is the reason and a thousand apologies from me.

    Thanks so much Katie.

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