Where I was on May 30th till June 4th



Not the US but was in Vietnam during that said period. 

It was the school hols and I thought it was a good idea to bring my kids along on a 5D/$N trip to Hanoi-Buc Ha-Sapa-Halong Bay trail. They could see and experience the culture of a different nationality and her varied communities while I could do a bit of photography. I can tell you that we had a great time. The shopping was great, the food was tasty (but relatively expensive) and I had a blast getting some interesting shots which I'll share once I have processed them. Thanks must be given to Pete Wong for helping us to make this trip possible and our guide Tsien Loong from Hanoi for being so understanding and patient.

Doing photography on a family holiday is very different from a photo-safari. My attention was divided but I made-do with whatever free time I had for photography. The photos I will be showing of this trip is a product of this limitation. Allow me to show you one candid I took of my wife just after arrival at the Highland hotel in Sapa. I will write a traveloque of this trip in the days to come.




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