The one chance that got away…

 This issue has been bugging me since my return from my trip to northern Vietnam. It happened while I was at Bac Ha Sunday market.

I met this lady while hanging around the market resting in the shade. She glanced at me and I said to myself, "Wow, what great features she has!". I smiled at her and took a few shots which she seemed not to mind.

She then walked into a shop. I waited outside hoping to get more of her. Since she took quite a while I decided to continue to shoot the other people who were there. After a couple of minutes I looked into the shop and to my horror, she was gone! I soon found out that there was a side exit which she probably took (hopefully not to avoid me!). I looked around for her but fail to meet her again. What a disappointment.

Anyhow from the few shots I have of her this one is the best. Hope you like it too.




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