Back from the photo-safari in Bali

 Wow, what a week of action! It was non-stop photography from July 19th-23rd in Bali. We landed, had a bite while waiting for Sanny, our last participant to arrive, and soon headed towards Tanah Lot where we had our first shoot of Bapak Jingga at his home. After that we witnessed an awesome sunset at Tanah Lot temple. It was then a shoot-lunch-rest-shoot-dinner-post processing routine waking up at 3-4 am daily and turning in near midnight after the workshop. We actually had breakfast take-away almost daily. Phew, was I glad that the participants lasted the pace... myself included!

On the final analysis I am pleased with the workshop; the participants were satisfied and I was glad that I was able to share my workflow with them. Looking at the images they have so far shared with me I am glad to say that I am impressed. Teaching a group with varied photography level is a challenge but from the results I see so far I am really pleased that I have risen to the challenge.

In the days to come I'll share some images taken in Bali. Here is the first photo of Bapak Jingga. In fact this was my very first click of the trip.

_TBH7016-2 copy



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