How to clone away skin blemishes and distracting elements


I normally use the Healing Brush tool for skin.


Always work in Layers. For that I Duplicate a Layer (Control-J in Windows or Command-J in Mac) or go to Layer>Duplicate Layer. Zoom in for a better view of the blemishes and remove whatever I feel should be removed. My advice to you is to do this carefully and meticulously and you will be rewarded in the final analysis. Once I am satisfied that all unpleasant blemishes or distractions have been removed I would Flatten the Layers to continue with the next step. To do this go to Layer> Flatten Image.


For this example I would like to clone the areas isolated in red below. 



Start with Duplicate the Layer by pressing Command-J (Windows: Control-J). Notice the extra layer created on the right circled in red below.





Right click on the icon highlighted in red (below) in the Toolbox on the left and from the submenu select the Healing Brush tool. It is the one underlined in red..





I would then zoom in for a better view to help me perform this task more meticulously. Press Command + (Windows: Control +) to zoom in. Do it repeatedly till you have reached the desired zoom level. Choose an appropriate sized brush by clicking here (circled in red) and from the submenu adjust the Diameter (underlined in red) slider to the size just larger than the blemish you want removed. You may also use this shortcut key [ (decrease diameter of brush) or  this ] (increase diameter). I used a diameter of 40 pixels for cloning the loose hairs and 20 pixels for the skin blemish/bread crumbs on the face and lips for this image.



Lets start with the hairs. Hold the Option key (Windows: Alternate key) and click an area near the area of the part of the hair you want cloned. This samples the texture of the area you have clicked on and uses it for the clone. Release the option key and click once on the part of the hair you want cloned. Repeat this to clone all the distracting hairs. Do the same but with a smaller brush for the skin blemishes and bread crumbs.

This is the result after cloning. Notice all the distracting hairs, bread crumbs and skin blemishes are gone. This forms the basis for a picture perfect skin with further processing. 





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