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I was at a camera shop this afternoon to purchase some items to get ready for the Bali photo-safari scheduled for July 19th-23rd. I have been buying a lot of photography gears of late and there do not seem to be any end to it. Sigh.

Anyway on return I received this email which really made my day. Below is the contents of the email:

Hello sir,

I wrote before regarding a  "problem" i had in postprocessing ( which turned out to be not a problem in any case- I got it afterwards) and I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your e-book and in fact, I bought your second e-book for advanced post-processing. I've used the techniques to make my photos pop, not necessarily my portrait shots, but it did wonders for my animal and food shots that placed very well in competition.
I also just got back from Bali last june 30 and it turns out that my guide Rai will also be the same guide you will be using in your photography workshop. You have chosen the best man for the job since Rai is really very dependable and honest. I was there last March and enjoyed it so much, I decided to return last month.
I'm sure you will have a great time with your workshop in beautiful and magical Bali.
Best regards!

Janet R.

It is nothing better than to receive such positive feedbacks. Thank you Janet!


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