My toys for the Bali photo-safari

 With the safari around the corner I am getting prepared for this occasion. Below are the gears that I will be bringing with me. One camera is compliments from Nikon Malaysia while another is from Schmidt Marketing Malaysia. I am testing to see how these cameras cut it and fit into my style of photography as compared with my Nikon D3. If any of them do I am afraid my birthday may come early this year.... 


I will also be testing the di-GPS Pro L from Dawn tech which I reckon will save me some grey cells trying to remember where shots were taken. Another toy you won't often see in my arsenal is the Elinchrom El Skysport radio flash trigger - I hardly ever use flash - which I will experiment with flash photography with warm gels.

About to meet with so many interesting and enthusiastic photographers, going back to a favourite photography hunting ground in Bali and so many toys to play with. Now you know why I say this safari is going to be a lot of fun... for me too!!!



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