Pak Jingga – our first shoot at my Bali photosafari


After everyone had arrived at Bali on July 19th and after lunch, we proceeded to pak Jingga's house to start our safari. Pak Jingga was so happy to see us. And what a sport he was.

We did the shoot at his house compound. I identified a few areas there for the shoot and here are a few shots that I would like to share with you.

Use of his straw hat to diffuse the light.

_TBH7046 copy copy

Somehow I think pak Jingga looks better with the hat.

_TBH7091 copy copy

_TBH7104 copy copy

Then I asked him to wear the Balinese headgear.

At the family well.

_TBH7218 copy copy

On the whole Pak Jingga did very well. Let me end this series with my favourite.

_TBH7182 copy copy

All taken with Nikon D3 and Nikon 28-70 mm/2.8 in available light.



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