We moved on to Tanah Lot, Bali


After having finished our shoot of Pak Jingga we moved on to Tanah Lot which was nearby. There must have been a zillion people there! I normally try to avoid touristy areas when I do photo-safaris but this time was an exception as it was a first (trip) for a few of the participants.

The attraction of this place is capturing the temple silhouette against  the gorgeous sunset. Here are a few shots that I managed to capture. As in all landscape photos, they are best viewed large. Hence click on the image for a better view. By the way all these were processed using the same workflow as described in the ebooks.

One of the participants, GW, preparing his gear for the sunset.

_TBH7415 copy copy

The temple and the sunset.

_TBH7425 copy2 copy

_TBH7440 copy2 copy

_TBH7467 copy copy


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