She was so fun too!


This happened on this fateful day. Our plan was to have a photo-shoot of Mak Cik in Uluwatu followed by a shoot of the traditional kecak dance with the sunset as a backdrop. Unfortunately (or was it fortunately?) it rained after we finished the former. Hence there was a change of plan... we went to Jimbaran fishing village to shoot the sunset instead. More photos of that later.

Mak Cik was all fun and boy, could she pose! Here are some shots of her.

_TBH0048 copy

_TBH0062 copy2

_TBH0071 copy2

_TBH0104 copy

_TBH0169 copy

And each time we asked her to smile she would reply "no teeth la"!

_TBH0170 copy

_TBH0177 copy

Mak Cik and her pet dog.

_TBH0285 copy

And an always happy Mak Cik.

_TBH0210 copy

She's an exemplary subject to shoot.


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