Sunrise at Kusamba fishing village

 We woke up very early daily to catch the sunrise in Bali. To me, the sunrise at Kusamba was the most interesting and rewarding, photography-wise.

We arrived early and soon had our gears ready - camera set appropriately and attached to the tripod. Here is the series of shots that I managed to capture that day.


_TBH8496 copy2 copy

_TBH8502 copy2 copy

Morning walk...with helmets on...just in case I suppose!

_TBH8560 copy2 copy

To be transported to the nearby island.

_TBH8599 copy copy

Pulling the boat in.

_TBH8940 copy copy

Prayers by the sea.

_TBH9007 copy copy


_TBH8972 copy copy

And lastly, sun rays shining through.

_TBH9011 copy copy



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