Balinese dancers


I have always been fascinated by the Balinese costumes they use for their dancers - they are so colourful and nice!

I met Nova about 2 years ago at a traditional dance competition.

I got our guide Rai to look her up at her village in Klungkung to arrange for a possibility of her group being our models during our photo-safari. I was glad that they agreed.

Nova is still almost the same Balinese beauty, only more beautiful and more matured. Here are some shots of her and her friends... and my red umbrella!

_TBH9261 copy

_TBH9190 copy

_TBH9110 copy

And the beautiful Nova.

_TBH9259 copy

_TBH9167 copy

And here is our group photo with the dancers.

_TBH9360 copy


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