Temple procession at Desa Mas, Bali

This is the start of my documentary of our recent photo-safari to Bali on Jan 14th-17th.

We were met on arrival by our guide Ngurah Rai (yes, same name as the Denpasar airport). We immediately went to have lunch and checked into our hotel in Ubud, the main cultural centre of Bali.

Rai and his dream car...still a dream.

We freshened up and soon was on our way to Desa Mas village to attend the temple procession.

Meeting point at a small shrine of the village.

The kids had fun too.

Teenagers included.

The procession was soon ready to proceed.

Everyone had to toe the line while being watched by villagers at the side.

Dogs included.

The destination was Pura (temple) Desa Mas about a km away.

Long procession.

They walked through the village...

...and passed padi fields.

Looking back.

Some reflections.

Arsenal into barber shops?

A rare self portrait!


To be continued.


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