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This is another hobby of mine though not so active since I took up photography. I bought this koi from Sakai Fish Farm of Hiroshima, Japan when I last visited them in the autumn of 2005 with a group of members from the Malaysian Koi Club. She was still a nissai (2 yr-old) at purchase and she measured 61.5cm then. The reason I bought her was because of the good hi (red) and shiroji (white) and most importantly, the great body structure. The front and middle hi looked a bit narrow but I reckoned when she put on bulk, they would be very different. She is an offspring of Big Rose and she apparently was the last batch of kohaku spawned from her - Big Rose is now being used to breed sanke.

Last weekend with the help of Mr Hwong, Mr YK Ng and Mr Yang (who incidentally went with me to Japan that time) I netted her out for photography and to see how she has developed over the years. She has grown well (83cm) and bulk up significantly which made the front hi, and even the middle patch, more imposing. I must say that I am pleased with her development. It is now time for me to feed her with colour-enhancing food to further strengthen the hi.

Here she is at purchase and at 6 yrs old and 83cm in length. I have named her 3 Diamond.



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    Hats off to you for grooming her to such proportions (unfortunately not adequately protrayed in the pic). I will be disappointed if you do not enter her in the coming June koi competition
    While we are a little upset, we lost you to your new love: world of photography, we are nevertheless  very proud that you have made a name for yourself in such a short time. Hopefully, you will find time to indulge in Koi once more so that we may gain from your skills.

  • The love for kois never actually left me but unfortunately time just does not permit one to indulge in both. I'll never know for sure if the pendulum will one day swing back to the koi hobby. As it is I am still enjoying it.

    I agree with you that the angle of capture of this latest shot does not do justice to her. One fine day I'll grab another shot of her to better show her conformation. Thanks for visiting.

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