I am back from Myanmar

Wow, what a trip! Despite the daily scorching heat (in the 40's) I really had a blast of a time. Shooting opportunities were aplenty, food was surprisingly good, hospitality was first class and the people were sooooo nice. What else can one ask for? OK, perhaps just better internet connections.

My 80G of hard disk space from My Epson P4500 photoviewer/storage device was not sufficient. In fact, near the end of my trip I had to delete so many files to accommodate the daily shoots that were going on. Next time I think I'll get myself a netbook coupled with an external hard disk to supplement my Epson to such trips. That combo will definitely come in handy.

So did I get photos that are worth sharing? I hope so. I have not processed much and when I have any worth sharing I'll definitely share them here. Please do come back to view them if you are interested. Well, I think you won't be disappointed....

Here is one of the Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon which I visited on Day 1.


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