The happy monk

I am still going through my 80G of files of my Myanmar trip and doing some haphazard post-processing with them. I hope to write a travelogue of my recent trip there when I have finished the post-processing. Before that happens I'll share some images of this wonderful country and her beautiful people.

I met this monk on Day 1 when we arrived at Yangon. The monastery where I met him was right next to the Chauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha temple, and it was the first of the many temples/monasteries that we visited. More of the temple later.

The Myanmar people are generally very nice and have no problems posing for photographs when asked. Just greet them with "mingalaba", a general greeting that they use, and show them your camera and you would have broken the ice. This monk was no different. After showing him his photo and when I said "chor dey" (handsome) he broke into a laughter. That is the moment you are seeing here.




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