Manuel Librodo workshop June 5th, 2010

Wow! What a weekend. It was all action the minute Manny and Krystal landed till they flew back to Bangkok.

After they landed we went straight to a friend's place to source outfits for the workshop. Krystal was amazed by his collection so much so that she was spoilt for choice. We finally came away with some nice outfits and a bagful of accessories and props suitable for the occasion.

June 5th came and when I looked at the sky that morning before I fetched the stars of the day (Manny and Krystal) I was a bit apprehensive when I noticed that the overcast sky. It actually drizzled for a while. That didn't dampen the spirits of the participants being really passionate photographers. Thankfully the sun soon came through the clouds and lighting from then onwards was gorgeous. Manny with his masterful eye for the light soon located some great spots for the day's shoot.

We started off with a self introduction and then a briefing by Manny.

Manuel Librodo, the master portraiture photographer himself stressing a point.

An eye for you. Sarita Marlou, one of the models, doing her own makeup in the foreground.

The action soon started and Manny was warming up to the occasion.

Marlou, our "reflectorer", caught taking photographs! No wonder the lighting wasn't so good then. 😀

What can I say, the star of the day, Krystal Vee. She is bewitchingly beautiful!


Besides Krystal, we also had 2 other beautiful models, Sarita and Sofea, who sat in for Krystal whenever she had a costume change. Krystal's makeup was done by Yvonne Chan while Sarita did her own and Sofea brought along her own MUA to do her painted face theme. I will be posting photos of all the models soon when I have processed them. You may read about Sarita's own experience here.

After the shoot we went on our own lunch and decided to meet at a later time since we overshot our shooting time. The venue was Dr Raymond Wong's office (one of the participants) and I am grateful to him for being so gracious as to allow us to use his well equipped conference room. Thanks Dr Raymond.

The post-processing went on quite smoothly with a slight glitch which actually was a blessing in disguise....Manny forgot his power supply for his MacBook! He started the session with the use of his MacBook connected to a projector but after an hour or so his laptop's battery soon dried up. I said it was a blessing in disguise because he then had to go round to every participant to see their progress giving them close personal attention. The participants also got a bonus when Manny shared his version of textures in post-processing. If the results I saw from the attempts by the participants were anything to go by, I was personally impressed with their achievements. Kudos to all of the participants and Manny.

On a sidenote Manny have decided to come back for another workshop on the July 31st-Aug 1st weekend with Krystal in a special pre-nup theme. Registration is now open for booking. Many of the participants of this June 5th workshop have already signed up with some of the places taken by those on the waitlist of the last workshop. As such places are already limited. I will make an official announcement soon. Anyone interested to attend can now pre-book by sending me an email here.




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