Ebooks now available in print!

Due to some requests my ebooks are now available in print. I will be printing this on demand which unfortunately adds to the cost. To make it more affordable I have decided to subsidize the printing of these books.

The books are printed by Photobookmart. I have seen and gone through the quality of the printing and the binding, and must say that I am more than pleased with them. I am also more than satisfied with the efficiency of this company. As an indication, the book will be shipped out within one business day and depending on where you are, you should get your copy within 5 business days via DHL courier service.

I have now listed the soft cover version at My Shop for sale. The hard cover version is also available on request.

Please go to My Shop for more details of the pricing.

PS Unfortunately I do not have the time yet to take some photos as I am extremely busy these few weeks. I will have them up as soon as I can take them.



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