I am free!

Today is officially my last day of my day job, same day as our nation's Merdeka (Independence) day hence it is a nice thought that the whole nation celebrates with me on this national holiday. Many have and will ask why at such a 'young' age (ok, I am not old enough to retire) that I optionally retire given that as a pediatrician my day job was decently lucrative. The keyword here is 'optionally' because after weighing all my options this, I believe, is the best for me.

This will mean I'll have more time for photography and more importantly, for the family as well. I plan to travel more on my own and if any of you are keen, I'll organize more photo-safaris and even workshops. Contact me if you want any group or one-on-one post-processing workshops, and watch this space for more announcements on photo-safaris and workshops.

Time to 'rest'. 😉

Photo taken by Gina Loo in Mandalay during my last Myanmar trip.


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