Making a difference in this world.

On the morning of August 25th 2010, my family went together with a local bank to embark on a mission to try to make a difference in this world. The mission was to address the concerns of global warming secondary to pollution and deforestation by planting 75 trees in a little known primary school in Dengkil, Selangor.

Do you know that each tree can absorb about 0.25 tons of CO2 emmisions over 25 yrs and that an average person emits about 7 tons of CO2? By planting trees, we have chosen to offset the environmental impact of CO2, promote plant and animal bio-diversity leading to improvement in soil fertility.

We arrived at SRJK (Tamil) Taman Permata Dengkil shortly after 8am and was received by some students of the school together with some members of the teaching staff. This school is mostly attended by children of low income workers (estate workers and daily paid labourers). Apart from primary education, the children are provided with daily lunch to sustain them, thanks to the generous sponsors of NGOs and good Samaritans. Although exhausted by the gardening work, the children were elated to be part of the event and were treated to a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) lunch that they truly enjoyed. According to the school headmaster, for some of the children this was the first time they ate KFC. 

All of us left the school very happy knowing that we had in a small way make a difference in this world and especially to someone’s life. We would never forget the laughter we shared with those children and their smiling faces.

The rest of the photos will be posted at my Facebook account.


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