A busy week ahead for me

Yes, it is going to be a very busy 7 days for me!

Tomorrow I will be having a full day one-on-one workshop with a lady professional photographer. I always enjoy teaching other photographers how to see the light in available light photography as well as sharing with them my unique workflow. Tomorrow will be no different.

And on the following day, I will be busy packing and preparing for my Myanmar photo-safari starting Saturday November 13th till the 18th. I am very excited about this trip because I simply love going to Myanmar for photography and I have a specially arranged program for the 12 participants who will be following me. I know I am going to have loads of fun!

I will be using Linaa and Lyn for the workshop tomorrow with Nigel as the MUA/stylist/designer. Let these few photos be a warm-up for tomorrow's program. 😉


And Lyn.


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