Introducing Linaa and Lyn

I have not updated my site for a while. It does not mean that I have been idle. In fact the contrary is true - I have been traveling quite a fair bit and over the past 2 weekends I was involved in 2 photoshoots. Meanwhile I am in the midst of preparing myself to go on my next photo-safari to Myanmar which starts next weekend. Idle? Never!

Since the Kuantan workshop I have been receiving requests and inquiries for more group and one-on-one workshops. Unfortunately I am unable to do much for the rest of the year except for the occasional one-on-ones. This is because I will be traveling to 4 different countries over the next few months! More workshops starting from the beginning of next year then.

Anyway allow me to introduce Linaa and Lyn, the two budding models from the past weekend shoots. Both taken in available light with Nikon D3 and Nikon 24-70mm/2.8.




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