“Of Textures and Colours” – A Manuel Librodo Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

The much anticipated event of the year is back! Anticipated because many portraiture & glamour photographers would like to learn from the master Manuel Librodo himself. And anticipated because model Kharunisia Jazmin the chameleon have agreed to come back after a 2-year absence. Both of them have promised participants an event not to be missed. Yes, Manny and Kharu will be back from March 25th-27th, 2011.

FULLY BOOKED!!! (27/1/11)

Manny and I have planned an interesting 3-day educational program for this workshop giving participants ample time to digest the many tips and pointers presented to them. Moreover we have arranged to give participants more shooting opportunities and hands-on guidance from Manny with me assisting. Manny will be there to answer whatever questions you may have related to the workshop. And with Kharu's repertoire of poses and outfits, one will be hard pressed to shoot a bad shot.

Past participants will also realise that this workshop will be different from previous ones. Besides being a 3-day event instead of 2, we will encourage participants to be more involved especially during the shoot. There will even be some one-on-one shooting opportunities.

Manny will be teaching available light glamour portraiture and sharing with participants his post-processing workflow. At the end of the workshop participants are expected to know the all important thinking process before one clicks the shutter, how to see the light, the do's and don'ts of available light photography, how to interact and pose the model with confidence, what accessories to use to enhance the subject, and how to make the photo pop during post-processing.

I have done a pre-announcement exercise recently for those on my mailing list. Many of the slots have already been taken up hence slots are now limited. For those who are interested on the remaining slots please click here for more details and on how to register for the workshop.

Let's rock this March's workshop (again)!



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