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Didn't know this feature was there but after playing with my website yesterday I found that I could enable this function here. Cool!

If you have nothing better to do and would like to be notified of all my new posts, please feel free to subscribe to my website (see option on top right hand corner). What will happen is that once you click on the subscribe button you will be sent an email to confirm your subscription BUT you must click on the link sent to you to activate your account. Otherwise you won't get any notifications.

Here is generally what you will get from my posts:

1. Photo to share where I post photos I think is worth sharing. I want you to look at the photos, examine the exif data (which tells a lot!), and analyze how the photo was processed. You may also ask if you have any questions. To me, that is a good way to learn. Of course I still maintain the best way to learn is to attend (good) workshops and photo-safaris.

2. Announcement of interesting events especially workshops and photo-safaris. Didn't I just mentioned that these events are the best way to learn? 😉

3. My travelogue.

If you think the above tickles your fancy, please go ahead and subscribe now. It is free!


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