And the verdict is……

...a double thumbs up! Srini, the one-on-one participant, was able to absorb all the technical jargon and my unique workflow that I threw at him. And he is one photographer who knew very little and was intimidated by the sight of the many options available in photoshop. Looking at the results of his own post-processing during the workshop I am confident I will be seeing many great images from him soon. Didn't I say I will rise to the challenge? 😉 So you guys who think you are a newbie in photoshop, don't lose heart. There is always hope.

Anyway we had a ball of a time yesterday. The lighting was great and Natacha performed way beyond my already high expectations. Here are some initial shots to share. More will be added in the days to come.

Event: One-on-one available light photography and post-processing workshop

Participant: Srini

Model: Natacha Meunier

MUA/Designer: Nigel NJ

Location: Abandoned bungalow in Kuala Lumpur



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