What a workshop!

The workshop started on the wrong note when our model Cay Kuijpers called in feeling unwell and needing an extra hour to rest it off. We were supposed to start at 8:30 am and not wanting to waste any time, I started with a discussion on available light photography, camera settings to use, the thinking process etc to keep Chee-Lung, a wedding photographer, occupied.

To cut the long story short and more importantly by the time we started, the lighting was already quite harsh. Being seasoned photographers we improvised and were glad that we had a great time with some good results. Cay thankfully did not show any ill effects from her ailment and teaching Chee-Lung was a breeze as he came well prepared.

Thank you, Chee-Lung for making life easy for me and Cay for being the ever so professional model. Below are some shots to share with you.

Model/MUA: Cay Kuijpers

Instructor: Banhup Teh

Participant: Chee-Lung Yuen

Workshop: One-on-one available light photography and post-processing


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