Kharunisia – Reaching out

This was taken during the days when I was still using the Nikon D2x. It is marvelous how technology has changed the way we take, and are able to take, shots that we would not have bothered to capture especially in dim available light photography. Our latitude has widened considerably since the introduction of the Nikon D3 and its high ISO capabilities. The rest is history. When I was using the D2x I seldom ventured beyond ISO400. With the D3 and especially when I know a shot will be properly exposed, I would even consider shooting at ISO6400. Here is a good example.

Even with the limitations then, I still had a lot of fun using the D2x. Here is a shot of Kharunisia in what I thought then was dim lighting.

Nikon D2x + Nikon 28-70mm/2.8 @ f/2.8 1/90s ISO400.

Reaching out


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