New editions to my ebooks soon!

The time has come for me to replace my ebooks on portraiture post-processing with new editions after 3 successful years. I have recently started updating the ebooks with new techniques, new photos and even some new chapters. This time I will be illustrating my post-processing workflow with Photoshop CS5. If everything goes as planned these new editions will be ready within the next month or so.

Expect a new pricing for the new editions. However I will maintain the present pricing of the existing ebooks but with an additional special offer - all purchases from now till launch date will get a free upgrade to the new version of the book(s) he/she has purchased. This is a plus because after learning the old workflow one will be able to seamlessly learn the new techniques as described in the new editions. To me no education is ever wasted.

I have also not forgotten the support from all of you who have already bought my ebooks (no matter Beginners or Advanced) i.e you will get a 20% discount off the listed price of the new editions. All you have to do is to give me your name, email used at purchase and the purchase number. I will then send you the discount coupon for you to make your purchase.

Here then are the new looks of the ebooks.

Some features to expect:

*illustrated with Photoshop CS5.

*new techniques.

*new photos to share.

*new chapters.

*highlight on common mistakes by photographers using my workflow.

So buy now at present prices, get the free upgrade and save to avoid the price increase of the new editions!

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8 comments to New editions to my ebooks soon!

  • Gerard Chee

    Hi Doc!
    Congrats to the launching of the New Editions to your ebook! Very attractive covers!
    Just purchased "For Beginners" last month.
    Anyway, here are the details of my delivery order:
    Name: Low Lai Hoon
    Purchase No. 0220
    Will be waiting for the Discount Coupon for my purchase of the "Advance" ebook.
    Thank you in advance(for the discount).
    Take care.
    Gerard Chee.

    • Hi Gerard,

      Yes, I remember your purchase! 😉
      The new editions should be ready in a month or so. I will send you the discount coupon when they are launched.
      If you can’t wait, you can go ahead and get the old edition of the “Advance” ebook and get a free upgrade when the time comes.
      Thanks for your support!


  • ibnu ar

    hello sir, i just want to ask, i bought your book from shashinki, so can i get the upgrade???
    ibnu Ar

    • Hi Ibnu Ar,

      First of all, the free upgrade is only for new purchase of my ebooks from my website. Those bought prior to this announcement will get a discount instead. As for those bought elsewhere i.e shashinki, the problem is there is no way I can confirm the authenticity of the purchases unless the website owners are willing to give me the details. I have written to shashinki to see what we can come out with. No promises but I will try my best to help.



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  • Carlos Martinez

    Hi Banhup
    I want to buy the new version of your ebooks. Do you know when they will be ready??
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for your interest in the new editions of the ebooks.
      They are ready and will be launched very soon once I have tested them with my e-commerce package.
      Watch out for the launch!


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