The Padaung tribe of Myanmar

When we visited Inle Lake during my last photo-safari there, we met a group of Padaung tribe at one of the souvenir shops there. They were there obviously as a tourist attraction but whenever someone bought something they apparently get some commission. They were also there to demonstrate to tourist their form of weaving industry.

A check with Wikipedia shows that the Padaung tribe is also known as Burmese Giraffe Neck tribe or Kayan tribe (which they preferred to be referred as). The majority of them are in the Shan state of Myanmar (hence our encounter). Contrary to popular belief, the neck is not actually lengthened by the brass coils; the illusion of a stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle. The wearing of these brass coils is more cultural rather than functional.

Here are some photos to share from this photo-safari. Click for larger view.

The seniors.

Cloth weaving which we bought some.

Another angle.

The pretty one. Notice the makeup.


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