Wow, what an experience at my Nikon Malaysia talk.

It was a whole new experience indeed!

The last time I was in front of an audience, I was using an overhead projector with transparencies and physical slides. The audience were all carrying stethoscopes and I still remember my last presentation was on bone marrow transplantation. Fast forward 20-odd years later, I was in front of a whole new enthusiastic audience (and a much larger crowd with standing space only!) using digital slides with special effects (Keynotes from Apple) and my audience were now carrying cameras. What a change!

Anyways it was a great experience. Everything went well as planned, safe for the LCD projector which did not show my photos to the colour that I expected. I know the projector could be better and Nikon Malaysia should look into that in future. And maybe provide more seats next time too. The 150 seats were not enough as I could see so many standing the full duration of the talk.

The preparation that went into the talk was another good experience altogether. Using Keynotes for the first time (remember I was using transparencies and physical slides before) the learning curve was a piece of cake. The usual problem with me is that I am usually never satisfied with any of my finished product...and that includes my post-processed photos. That is why I seldom go back to post-process my photos again unless I want to be stuck in front of my computer forever. So it was meddling and editing of my presentation slides, post-processing my recent Myanmar photos (March photo-safari) for the presentation and rehearsing the presentation till I finished watching the boring Arsenal-Blackburn soccer game on Sunday morning. Frantically post-processing 60-odd specially selected photos from that trip in 2 days was no joke but thankfully the photos turned up the way I like them. I will share these photos here in due course.

Thank you to all of you who turned up on an early Sunday morning for my talk on Available Light Photography/Portraiture. I hope you all enjoyed it. And thank you to Nikon Malaysia for having me.

To those who had to stand, my sincere apologies. I hope the tips and photos I shared were all worth your while.

Till the next time have fun with (available light) photography!

Talk title : Available Light Photography/Portraiture

Date & Time : April 3rd 2011, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Venue : Midvalley Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur


A photo of the talk by Jay Gonzales Fuerzas

A photo of the talk by Joyce Lee



2 comments to Wow, what an experience at my Nikon Malaysia talk.

  • Gerard Chee

    Hi Doc! Morning!
    Still bathing with joy over yesterday's talk?
    Would like to thank you once again for your generosity in sharing with us your knowledge & experience in your passion for "Available Light Photography".
    Should have brought my  soft cover copy of the book for "Beginners" to have it autographed.
    Any way, keep up the excellent work!
    Gerard Chee.

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