Portraits from Yangon, Myanmar

Now that I have some breathing space I thought it is time I continue to share some photos that I took during the recent photosafari to Myanmar (Yangon-Inle Lake-Mandalay-Yangon). What I propose to do is to share them in the form of a collection i.e photos taken in Yangon, Inle lake and Mandalay. I will also add some old photos from my previous trips if I think these photos are worth sharing.

Form the recent trip to Yangon we only had a few hours before we took the next connecting flight to Inle Lake. We took the opportunity to visit Ka Lay Wa monastery again. Here are some shots to share.

By the window

His reflection

My pet

Back to the quarters

Monks do have fun too!

The wait

By the window

During my previous photosafaris there we also visited the Chauk Htat Gyi temple (reclining Buddha). Here I met this happy monk.

Yangon photography is not complete without a photo of Shwedagon Paya.

Sweepers at work

More of the collection at My Gallery here where you can see a slide show of the above in larger images.


4 comments to Portraits from Yangon, Myanmar

  • Hello, just looked through your pictures in Myanmar, of monks and more. They are so great, I dare to say) I like the realism, that you did nothing more than they really were. Just caught them and unleashed the best people could say by faces)) very good, very subtle and real. I like that you dont use any additional light, especially flashes as much as I could see. Why use flash if there is real light available enough to do what one can do good, like you here. Good luck to you!) I also do photography and Jan-Feb am going to Thailand and Myanmar, hopefully. WIll be good to report on this to you))

    With respect,


  • Wow, good to hear from you!) I totally agree with one of the testimonials here on your website, which says that you have a talent for catching the moment when Nature reveals itself through the faces of people, so to say, when they are most natural, not thinking about how they look or pose or else, I also never liked posing photography. These pictures are more like ego-free ones. Like a fresh air. And yes, as someone said in testimonials, technical side of it is never as important as the content, but you have both at highest level) I am lucky to cross your website on the web. My website is http://www.dakota-river.com – daily life portraits. Hopefully some are good) i also do not use any flash there, although i bought one but couple of days ago just sold it. Could you may be advise on places in Myanmar? I am totally new to this place) any town or village? where Buddhist monks mainly reside, i mean)

    With best and sincere wishes,


  • Anton, you have a very good collection at your site!  

    Thanks for the compliments. Myanmar is a lovely place to visit especially for photography. And if you like to shoot Buddhist monks, you will see them everywhere! I have visited Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan. Of these 4, I particularly like Bagan.

    In Yangon, a must visit is Shwedagon (golden) Pagoda. In Mandalay I would suggest Mahamuni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Shwenadaw monastery and not to forget sunset at U Bein nridge.

    In Inle Lake, visit the villages along the lake and go to In Dein.

    As mentioned, Bagan is my favourite among the 4. There are so many nice places to photograph. I would suggest Shwezigon Pagoda and Nyaung Oo market. Ask the locals about following the monks when to go collect alms in the morning. That is a must-do.

    To do all these 4 places, you will at least need 2 weeks. 😉

    Have fun!







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