Some portraits from In Dein, Myanmar

In Dein is a place of many shooting opportunities. Beside the novice monks we met many other people who were more than willing to pose for us. And the lighting was gorgeous! Here are some of them.


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  • Hi mr BanHup, I've found you while I was researching information on the 24mm f1.4 which is probably going to be my next lens replacing my 20mm f2.8, as a matter of curiosity, how many of the pictures from Dein~Myanmar had been taken with this lens~?
    And why you don't put a tag underneath your pics, so that you can show the lense used, and eventualy clicking on the name reader would be directed on websites such Amazon or Adorama, or B&H, and then you would really get some commission as you were joking with Danny St on a previous post.
    KenRockwell, makes a pretty big ammount of money with those buttons~~~!!!
    CiaoCiaoForNow, and thenkyou for your inspiration works~!

    • Hi Alfonso,
      If I remember correctly photos #3,4,5 and 8 were taken with the 24/1.4.
      Tagging the photos as you suggested sounds like a good idea. May just try that one day.
      Thanks for the suggestion!


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