A Sunday with Dian Sharlin

Sunday July 3rd was the day when I had a one-on-one workshop with JS Chang, a keen hobbyist from Klang. The morning started with gloomy, overcast skies but the morning sun soon came through providing us with gorgeous lighting henceforth. What a relief! What is photography without light?

Here is a couple of shots that I have managed to process so far. Watch this space for more uploads.

By the window


Model : Dian Sharlin

Image Consultant : Nigel Nj

Photographers : Banhup, JS Chang


2 comments to A Sunday with Dian Sharlin

  • adrian

    Any idea when your new ebooks will be ready?

    • Hi Adrian,

      I have finished writing both the ebooks and am now going through them thoroughly. If there are no major errors they should be out some time next week.
      As a heads up, there will be more new features than I have initially planned them to have. These ‘extras’ were the main cause of the delay but I assure you it is worth the wait.
      Anyway thanks for asking….and watch out for the launch. 😉


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