Portraits from Inle Lake, Myanmar

Now with most of my 'pressing' work done, I can now go back to what I like to do -- share more shots from my collection which includes those from Myanmar & Bali photo-safari, and those from my workshops.

Before that, some interesting news. For those who have registered as Free members and those who have Priority memberships, the first assignment (if you like to participate and practice my workflow) will be out on August 1st. Free members will only be able to download the jpeg file while Priority members will be able to download the RAW file...another advantage being a priority member. 😉 Details on the free membership here.

There is more. In collaboration with Nikon Malaysia, I will be having a 2-day workshop at the Nikon Centre, Kuala Lumpur on September 24th & 25th. Watch out for the announcement from Nikon Club. Please note that this workshop is for Nikon users only. Though I am brand agnostic, this has to be the case because it is being organized by Nikon. If you are a Nikon user, join them as a member if you have not done so already.

I have just started a gallery on Some Portraits from Inle Lake at My Gallery. You may see the slideshow here if you like. There are 60-odd shots there to view at your leisure.

Here are some shots that I like to share from the collection.

An eye for you

From the top

By the window


Hanging around




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