The 2 beauties of Malacca

At least Kharunisia Jazmin and Dian Sharlin were during the Manuel Librodo Malacca workshop last weekend 😉 We had a ball of a time shooting from one end to the other along Jonker Street, the main tourist street of historical Malacca. Curious onlookers were aplenty but that did not distract us from our objectives.

The workshop was a 3-day affair with a slideshow of Manny's inspiring photographs on Day 1, the photoshoot on Day 2 and finishing off with a post-processing session on Day 3. Here are some shots taken by the participants.

I didn't take too many shots being the organizer but I do have some good ones. I will share them here when I have them processed. For a start, allow me to present Kharu and Dian.

Beauties of the day

Face on


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