The Malacca workshop

The Manuel Librodo workshop in Malacca came and went last weekend. When Manny and I arrived at Malacca the day prior to the shoot, it was raining cats and dogs. And it rained practically the whole day! That didn't dampen our spirits despite the fact that the weather report for the next day would be rainy again. True to form the weatherman was wrong. 😉

However what really dampened our spirits was when our second model practically in the last hour text messaged us saying that she could not make it to Malacca. I suppose this is the risk that comes with engaging a celebrity model who is too popular. After a few frantic phone calls Manny and I were really thankful that Dian Sharlin could make it as a replacement. Thanks so much Sharlin!

As in previous Manuel Librodo workshops, I did not shoot too much, me being the organiser. I know I have some really good ones. For a start I will share some behind the scene shots to give you an idea about the workshop. The shots of the models, Kharunisia Jazmin and Dian Sharlin, will come in another post.

Instructor : Manuel Librodo

Assistant/Organiser : Banhup Teh

Models : Kharunisia Jazmin, Dian Sharlin

MUA/Image Consultant : Nigel Nj

Volunteer Assistant : Jonathan Stoutlager Khee

Participants : KS Loh, Kong Yuen Kwee, Ryan Quah, Marx Foo, Alvert Chen, Abdul Azim,

Lu Li, Giancarlo Galavotti, Fredrik Lonnquist, Er Meng Chai, Beh Huck Lee, Joyce Lee.

Shooting along Jonker Street, Malacca.

I have a hand on this workshop.

The photographers' stance.

Eager photographers.

The mandatory group shot.

The crazy bunch!

We had to walk around Jonker street to scout for shoot locations which were aplenty.

Even the tourist wanted to pose!

One way to include myself in a shot is via reflections.

Photographers shoot from all perspectives and angles...from up-down.

Or down-up.

Group shot again.

And the only one with me in it. 😉


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