The new editions of my eBooks are finally here!

Yes, finally, after many delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Making the decisions to add what needs to be added was tough. I eventually made the decision to give free updates instead. As it is, there are some refinement in my workflow, some new chapters including post-processing of environmental portraits & textures, a segment on available light photography, and many new photos to share.

Then, there was the proof-reading. When that was done, I had to learn a whole new (s2member) plug-in to help me do what I think is best for the readers. And when that was done, I had to test the system out for bugs. Seems to work like a charm!

I am talking about a membership system. Previously it was just sell the ebooks and let the readers explore on their own. I know the previous ebooks were quite easy reading and equally easy to follow. It was meant to be like leading the reader by the hand through my workflow. After that there was not much interaction between the readers and I.

These new ebooks again follow the same tested format but with a significant difference in approach; I now want to move a few steps further ahead by having the following:

1. Free Priority memberships for purchasers for 3-6 months whatever the case may be. (See Membership Options)

2. Give assignments and then discuss with the readers about their post-processing. The first assignment will start in early August.

3. Regular download of unprocessed photos (usually RAW format) from my own collection for post-processing exercises.

4. Free updates for an agreed period should I have any interesting new technique(s) to share (I am always exploring for new ones).

5. Download of Photoshop Actions whenever I have them (they are already some available at my Download Centre).

My main objective is that the readers won't see the last of me after the purchase; I will still be there to interact with them and guide them along. This is to make their 'investment' of my ebooks worthwhile.

Enough of me talking. If you are looking for some ebooks on portraiture post-processing, look no further. Give the ebook on Portraiture Post-processing for Beginners or for the Advanced a try. If past results (from feedbacks) are anything to go by, I think you won't regret it.

Thanks for your support in advance!

PS 1. I will be sending the 20% discounted price offer to all previous purchasers of my old ebooks who (have already contacted me) sometime next week after this weekend's workshop in Malacca. This offer are for those who bought my ebooks BEFORE I announced the writing of the new editions in April this year. If you have previously bought my ebooks and would like to collect these new ones, please Contact Me here mentioning your transaction ID number or the date of your purchase. I will do the necessary.

2. The same time frame applies to those who will be getting the free upgrades (all those who bought the old ebooks AFTER the said announcement).


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