Siem Reap, here I come!

One more day and I will be off to Siem Reap, Cambodia on my (very likely) last teaching photo-safari for the year. Having organised and taught in 2 previous photo-safaris this year (Myanmar - March and Bali - June), I think it is time I start something different to keep my interest going. You see, I get bored with routines easily hence I have thought of something exciting for the future. More of that later.

The last time I was in Siem Reap was during Crossing Bridges 5 in November 2008 where I also did my red umbrella series. This time round I have organised an exciting and interesting itinerary for the participants. For a change (didn't I say I am usually bored with routines?) I have planned a more structured teaching program especially during the post-processing sessions in the evenings to get the participants more involved. They will have assignments daily which will be reviewed and critiqued.

Finally, since I will be away for this photo-safari from 16th-20th and since I am not sure if I will have access to the internet, please be patient if I did not reply to your emails or inquiries. I assure you that I will reply them at the earliest instance once internet access is available. For that I thank you for your understanding.

And for that, allow me to share with you a shot of Pak Gulem taken during my last photo-safari to Bali.

Taken with Nikon d3 + Nikon 24/1.4 Aperture Priority @ f/2.2 ISO 200 1/125s.


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