What a workshop!

It was an interesting available light portraiture workshop indeed with so many new "experiences". Firstly, Burke Strickland flew all the way from Texas for this one-on-one workshop. Before that, the furthest among my participants were from Singapore.

Secondly, we have been planning this for a few months and on the evening of the workshop, I sprained my back...bad...while carrying the new tables I bought for my projector room. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep well the whole night because each time I turned, my low back muscles went into spasms. Ouch! The same ailment hampered my movements somewhat but when it comes to photography, the creative juice just flowed. The photoshoot went on without a hitch, safe for the occasional spasms of course. The lighting was absolutely gorgeous and so was our model, Natacha Meunier.

Thirdly, I used my new LCD projector for the first time for my one-on-one workshop. (I have used the same projector for my recent Bali photo-safari where I connected it the wrong way - I used the USB connection rather than the VGA cables resulting in less-than-satisfactory image quality. I have since learnt from that mistake). Prior to that, all my one-on-one post-processing sessions were done with my two-monitors + MacPro setup. Of course the image quality was superb but then the session would have to be done in my bedroom.

All in all, it was a fun and enjoyable day for me. I must thank Burke for taking the time to come all the way for this workshop. Burke, your self proclaimed 'basic' knowledge made it easy for me to share with you. I must also thank Natacha for being the ultimate professional and a good sport. Last but not least, I would like to thank Nigel Nj for his creations that made this shoot so inspiring.

Here are a couple of shots to share from the shoot. More will come when I can sit properly to post-process them.




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