It is always  refreshing and comforting to see smiles and laughter from anyone. It doesn't matter where this laughter has come from, it is always a sight to behold.

The laughter we had from this image was no different. We were at a village outside Siem Reap, Cambodia when I took this shot. The children were riding at the back of this bullock cart on a mud path flanked by paddy fields on both sides. I had fun getting them to pose for us (I was leading this photo-safari) and I am sure they had fun doing so too. This child especially was very keen to pose and to break into laughter...glee-fully. 😉 What a field day we had!

By the way, it is 3 days to my Nikon workshop. To all the registered participants, I thank you for your support. You guys will have a go at glamour and photojournalistic post-processing using my workflow. I will give you copies from my own collection to post-process some photojournalistic-type of images. There will be 2 models for our glamour photoshoot instead of the planned one.

To those who are still keen to join, I was told there are just a couple of slots left. Hurry if you are interested. It will be my pleasure to meet you. Click here for more details if you are keen. Or call Nikon at 03-21420218. I heard from unconfirmed 'rumours' that there will be a TV crew during the workshop. Cooooool! 🙂


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