Have a go at skin smoothening assignment today

This is the second assignment of my assignment series specially for all (free) members to my site. If you have not registered yet and would like to join in the fun, please do so here. It is important to note that registering as a free member is different from subscribing to my posts.

Also please note that assignments from my site are mainly all about post-processing. If you are game, register as a (free) member, go to the Assignment page (under the Membership page) and download the specially selected file to practice on. You may edit the image the way you deem fit but you should place full emphasis on the skin (and of course the eyes too) in this assignment. Once you are done you may upload the photo here. You may write a description of what you have done to the image if you like. You may view the participants' gallery here.

Here is a tip - I prefer to see the skin to be as natural as possible...I hate plasticky skin! 🙂

Thanks and have fun!

Here are some examples of skin treatment that I like.


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