A recent workshop with Juria Hartmans

I recently had a one-on-one available light portraiture workshop with Sanjeev Verma, a very keen hobbyist from Singapore. Natacha Meunier was the planned model but due to some last minute unforeseen circumstances, Natacha could not make it and, being the professional that she is, she recommended her friend Juria Hartmans as a replacement. I initially felt a bit apprehensive but that feeling soon disappeared a few minutes into the photoshoot - Juria was excellent! Thank you Natacha for the recommendation, and Juria for the great shoot. Thanks must also be given to Sanjeev for being able to absorb the full day's proceedings like a sponge. He really made it easy for me to share. šŸ˜‰

Here is what he commented of the workshop :

"I came to KL to attend Dr Teh's workshop, with a mind that i already know quite a lot of technicalities and i had already bought Dr Teh's books …… so will there be something new to learn? Just one hour into the workshop and i knew that the trip has been the most transformational step in my photography. The way the shots are planned, the way the props are used, the way we interact with the model and the way the light is used, it made the whole shooting experience a fun, which is the prime reasons for us hobbyists to take photography. I did not realize the role of whole shooting experience, until Dr Teh showed the post processing
Its not a workshop of quick "tricks" or "how to" …… Its the whole experience of art. I am very glad that i met Banhup, who is not only a great photographer, but also a great artist and a great human being
Look forward to more such outing Doc !!


Allow me to present Juria.


Model - Juria Hartmans

HMUA - Nigel Nj

Photographers - Banhup, Sanjeev Verma


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