Up to the challenge

Coaching a newcomer to photography and photoshop (I was told 2 months into photography) was indeed a challenge. I knew I could do it and judging from the shots taken by Tharma here, I think I can say that it was a success.

I started off with the very basics talking about my camera settings followed by taking him round showing him how to 'see the light' while waiting for Nigel (our image consultant) to finish preparing our model Farinaz for the shoot. The shoot soon started. Tharma was initially quite shy but he soon warmed up to the occasion. By the end of the session he was shooting like a pro!

Thank you Tharma, for giving me this experience. You can now enjoy photography from a whole new level. Thanks must also be extended to Nigel for your artistic creations, and to Farinaz for being such a sport.

Here are some shots taken that day. Hope you like them.


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