The iPhone 4S is such a good camera

Now that I have a iPhone 4S, it makes me wonder if I still need to get a backup camera for my Nikon D3.

I was doing my usual Chinese New Year shopping at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur (or rather my wife was doing hers) when I heard the sound of drums at the Kwong Siew Temple signifying a Lion Dance was in progress. Never have I seen so many Lions at one place dancing at the same time. Because I did not bring my D3 I had to fall back on whatever camera I had with me. I have never seriously used the iPhone 4S camera not knowing how it can perform given the type of photography I like to do. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!


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  • fibrate

    I wholeheartedly agree! Even iPhone 4 is decent enough. My LX3 was supposed to be my backup but it looks like I could leave it at home too!

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