The verdict on the Fuji X-Pro1 is out.

Or is it?

I used the X-Pro1 during my one-on-one workshop with Ben Halicki, a keen photography hobbyist from Melbourne, as well as shooting behind the scene during the Bambi Cantrell Wedding Photography Workshop and Masterclass (an event by Epic Voyage) over the weekend. I must say that I am pleased with the results.

The wait

What do I like of this camera? Firstly I like its light weight which means I can carry it everywhere I go. This also means that it will see more usage unlike my hefty Nikon D3. Don't get me wrong. The D3 is a fantastic camera and will still be used in specific situations. More of this later.

I also like the quality of the Fuji prime lenses. I know I will be using a lot of the 18mm for reportage, photo-journalistic and environmental portraiture type of images while the 35mm will be my tight portrait lenses. I seldom use tele-lenses nowadays hence I did not get the 60mm...yet. 😉

And the colours at capture. What else can I say of the special colours from Fuji. By the way I am still shooting in jpegs unlike the 100% RAW shooting with my Nikon D3. I can't wait for the RAW converter from adobe to be available so that I can try the RAW files from this camera.


Using any new camera will always have a learning curve. For the X-Pro1 this curve was a breeze though there are some functions that I really wish for. For example, I would love to have a button to quickly change the focus frame selection instead of having to press the AF button to activate this function and then select the focus frame. As it is, the focusing is not the speediest in the market and when I shoot during a workshop I like to shoot as fast as I can instead of having to meddle with buttons.

The main learning curve is the focusing - it can be hit and miss sometimes. I presently put it down to user error since I seem to be getting the hang of it and am already getting more keepers. Only time will tell if this will be a permanent issue.

So will the Fuji completely replaced my Nikon D3? I think not yet though it will definitely see more action in the days to come. With my D3 I can expect what I will get but with the Fuji I still have to hope what I can get. Do you see what I mean?

Having said that I will only be taking my Fuji with me on my Hanoi-Bac Ha-Sapa photosafari from April 6th-12th and leaving my D3 in the comfort of my drybox. Besides having to take care of getting good shots I have to take care of my back too! 🙂 Unless the Nikon D800E is available in the market before my trip.....

Some shots during the Bambi Cantrell workshop:




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