Hanoi-Bac Ha-Sapa photosafari Part 2

I apologise for the yet again long delay before I share with you Part 2 of the trip i.e. to Bac Ha with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Nikon D800. This is due to the fact that I had to prepare for my talk at Nikon Malaysia's 1st NPS gathering that was held yesterday at Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. What a blast it was! It was nice meeting so many working professionals from Malaysia and to listen to talks by Jim Liaw on his experience with the Nikon D800E and Louis Phang's Nikon D4. My talk was on Available Light Photography with special reference to the Nikon D800.

My exhibits at the NPS talks (all taken with the D800)

With that event out of the way, allow we to continue with the sharing of the Hanoi-Bac Ha -Sapa photosafari. This time it will be about Bac Ha. I will share this in two installments as I have many shots to share.

In Part 1, I ended sharing some shots while in Hanoi and after having boarded the train on this Friday night heading for Lao Cai, the northern-most railway terminal of Vietnam. The ride took about 10 hours and can be described as quite comfortable given that we each have a bunk bed in an air-conditioned compartment. We arrived on Saturday morning just in time for breakfast and was met by our guide at the station.

After breakfast we proceeded to Bac Ha by a private bus arranged by our guide. Bac Ha is actually just a small town. The main attraction is the Sunday market whereby tribes especially the Flower H'mongs from the surrounding areas will converge here to sell their goods and in return buy groceries for the family. Since we had time to kill we did some street photography.

Met this lady at a grocery shop outside our hotel (Nikon D800)


One of the streets in Bac Ha (Nikon D800)


Pineapples at the market (Fuji XPro1)


Shy girl (Fuji X-Pro1)

Shy girl

Met this gentleman at one of the shops (Nikon D800)


Another shot with the Fuji X-Pro1


  We then visited one of the tribal villages famous for making corn wine.

Preparing the corn (Nikon D800)


Mother's love (Fuji X-Pro1)

At work (Fuji X-Pro1)

At work

One dollar (Fuji X-Pro1). The tribes tend to ask for money when photographed.


The barn (Fuji X-Pro1)

Distilling wine (Fuji X-Pro1)


Participant (Jo Chee) looking at the farm (Nikon D800)


Buffalo (Nikon D800)


At 100% crop...


Three siblings (Nikon D800)


Tight portrait (Nikon D800 + 85/1.4G)

Tight portrait

The sister (Nikon D800)


To be continued...Sunday Bac Ha market


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