Hanoi-Bac Ha-Sapa photosafari Part 2…continuation

Last 2 weeks were eventful ones for me - I changed the most important lenses of my life i.e. I finally had my cataracts removed and have them replaced with monocular lenses. Suddenly the whole world brightened up before me and I (presently) do not need glasses, not even reading ones. I may be exaggerating but everything looks more vivid, contrasty and clear to me. The view of the world literally and apparently had changed gradually all these years without me noticing it. I wonder what it would be like if Carl Zeiss ever produce these monocular lenses for patients like me. Hmmmmn, anyway I digressed. Back to the photosafari.

I ended previously saying that we killed time that Saturday by visiting a tribal village just outside Bac Ha, this being a small town with nothing else much to see/shoot. Fast forward to the next morning. I woke up early as planned as I wanted to see, feel and capture the morning sunrise at the famed Sunday market. Unfortunately this was not to happen as the sky was overcast and it was drizzling intermittently. My Fuji XPro1 & lenses being not weather-shielded, I left them at the hotel and brought out my Nikon D800 instead. With the Nikon 24mm/1.4 attached, my room-mate and I walked towards the market which was just a a couple a minutes away. The following images will tell the rest of the story.

Stall owners busy preparing their stalls.

Starting fire to boil pork soup.

Rain continued to collect into pools.

First customer of the butcher's.

Flower H'mong tribes selling yellow rice.

Narrow lane.

Flower H'mong ladies starting to shop.

Man pulling a cart up the slope.

Nice Vietnamese coffee - nice if you like it sweet. The amount of condensed milk she added probably added an inch to my fat!

Loving couple sharing their 'sins'.

He puffed once...

...she puffed once.

Reflection. An 80% crop...no problem from the D800. 😉

Technology has caught up with the tribes...handphones! A 100% crop.

Rain shelter. Note the gallons of corn wine in the foreground. The lady offered me a drink but I politely declined noting that the alcohol content could be quite high.

Trying the tobacco before purchase.

Waiting for customers.

This marked the end of my Bac Ha Sunday market shoot. We met up for lunch and then made our way to Sapa, our next destination

To be continued as Part 3 of the photosafari.


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