Hanoi-Bac Ha-Sapa photosafari Part 3

This is the final installment of this photosafari - to Sapa town. All shots were taken with the Nikon D800 unless stated otherwise.

We left Bac Ha town after lunch that Sunday afternoon. On our way up the hills we dropped by Ta Phin village, a village for the Red Hmong tribes.

A shot from inside the van with the Fuji X-Pro1+Samyang fisheye.

The ladies were waiting for us! A couple of them followed each of us trying to sell us their wares. This lady followed me everywhere I went till the end of our trip to that village.

We walked into this souvenir shop.

Met this blacksmith next door.

His workers (Fuji X-Pro1).

We soon left the village to proceed to Sapa town. We checked in, freshened up and went out for dinner at a restaurant just outside our hotel. It was misty that night.

Again the tribal ladies followed us.

The next day we went to Cat Cat village.

Ladies coming out to sell their goods.

Some souvenir shops along the way.

Going home (Fuji X-Pro1)

Strange pet (Fuji X-Pro1)

Met these children there. We gave them some goodies - sweets, stationary, hair pins etc - and they posed for us.

This child tried to sell us her toy.

That was the end of our trip to Cat Cat village, a long and satisfying walk. We went back to Sapa town for lunch. After lunch we walked around the Sapa market.

Vegetable stalls (Fuji X-Pro1)

More souvenir stalls (Fuji X-Pro1)

We then left for Ta Van village where we were to have a one night home-stay. On the way there we saw some amazing rice terraces. Some of my participants wanted to capture them. For me, I preferred to take the portraits of the tribal children. Here is one that I love.

We had to walked through some rice terraces on the way to our home-stay (Fuji X-Pro1).

A view at sunset (Fuji X-Pro1).

Here is a group photograph at the home-stay.

After we unpacked, we took a walk around the village.

A neighbour.

By the door.


The light soon failed. We walked back, took our turns to wash up to get ready for dinner. This home-stay was an interesting experience and turned out more pleasant that we expected. We were provided with mosquito nets and enough blanket to keep us warm at night.

I woke up early for some sunrise shoot the next morning.

At the rice fields.

Sewing in the morning light (Fuji X-Por1).

Morning sweep (Fuji X-Pro1).

We met for breakfast after which we had a short visit to Ban Ho village. We didn't do much photography here as the lighting was too harsh for our liking. We then headed back to Sapa town to spend our last night of the trip here. The next day it was the same return 10-hour train journey back to Hanoi to take our flight home to Malaysia. Another fun and successful trip (at least photography-wise) for the group!


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