Nice to hear good news

Some people say that no news is good news but when you receive good news, it is even better. This is what I received recently.

"Hey, Mr Banhup!

My name is Max. Two years ago I bought your ebooks on Portraiture Post-processing and now I am writing this message just to say 'thank you'. It was a very good starting step for me. Since that time I, of course, improved on my post-processing skills and added different tricks to the workflow. However I still use the same basic steps I've learned from you.

So, again, thank you very much for your ebook -- it was definitely a turning point in my post-processing." - Max Drupa
I am indeed more than happy that you have benefited from the workflow. 
Max went on to send me an Action file for Photoshop which I have yet to test on; I will do so in due time. If it works I will add this to my download centre where all subscribers can download for free.
Thanks Max. You just made my day.

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